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Personal and professional development is life changing.

What are you doing to change your life?

This site is designed to help people who are serious about changing their life find the best personal development courses and programs available on the internet.

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The best three self improvement courses I have found are listed at the bottom of this page. Be sure to check this site regularly as I add more reviews and information about more personal development courses.

Personal Development is key to how your life works out says Jim Rohn

This site is inspired by one of the most influential motivational speakers the world has ever seen, the late Jim Rohn (1930 – 2009).

Jim Rohn is quoted as saying that your philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out. This means that it is essentially your choice whether you join the 5% of the population who retire from the income of their own personal resources. 95% are dependant upon the government or someone else.

Your happiness is in your hands, no one else’s. It’s not the blowing of the wind but how you set of your sail. The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.

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Here’s a transcript from one of Jim Rohn’s inspirational speeches, where he remembers what a mentor said to him that changed his life.

“..he said you’ve been working six years Mr Rohn, how come you’re not doing better and I said, well this is all the company pays.

He said that’s not true. That’s all the company pays you. I thought that’s a new way to look at it. He said doesn’t the company pay two, three, four times this amount to other people? I said yes and he said, well, that is all the company pays you.

He said, if you were better qualified, wouldn’t they pay you more ? I said I suppose so. He said so we don’t have to work on the company we have to work on you.

I told him things cost too much and he said no, you can’t afford them. You see we put valuable things on the higher shelves so you’ve got to stand on the books you read so you can stand a little higher and reach those things.

Success is not something you pursue

He said success is something you attract by the person you become – you see that phrase changed my life. Success is not something you pursue.

I said, I’m just working hard trying to make a living. He said profits are better than wages. Nobody taught me that in high school or college. Wages make you a living profits make you a fortune.

How could you work on both a living and a fortune. He said, well you could start working on your fortune part time while you’re working on your living full time.

Now its fun to get up in the morning, not just getting up to go to work to pay the rent but getting up first to make a living and second to make a fortune.

I learned how to make a living and a fortune and I found out anybody could do it once they get the information”

Take responsibility for your life and work on yourself

So, according to Jim, working on yourself and a thirst for learning new skills is the key. In a word, personal and professional development – and “anybody can do it once they get the information.”

You can listen to Jim making this speech at

What I would like to do with this site is to help you find the information if you are ready to look for it. It would be an honor to help you with just one step on your journey to your fortune or whatever goal it is that you have.

I’d like to share what I’ve found in looking around for personal development courses and hopefully save you some time that I have wasted by pointing you to the better programs that I have come across. The best three that I have found to date are as follows.

#1 (Best program) 100 Day Challenge is an extreme performance acceleration program created by fortune 500 coach Gary Ryan Blair

This is an intense and comprehensive 100 Day program complete with videos, audios, motivational movies, tutorials, action plans, templates, ebooks and various accountability tools including weekly accountability calls. Seminars and retreats are also available if you wish to avail yourself of them.

The focus is on transforming your goals into reality quickly (within 100 days) and is designed to close your execution gap – the gap between your goals and your current circumstances.

It requires 15 minutes a day for 100 days to make radical performance gains.

Use this link to go to the official website for more information.

#2 (Second Best) Go Big Now VIP program is a self improvement course created by motivational speaker Kristen Howe.

The program is a complete package which makes full use of ebooks, direct coaching from Kristen on a monthly basis, a library of digital products that Kristen has purchased herself that is made available and several other tools and resources.

The focus is on firstly discovering what passion exists within you that is a driving force and only then determining solutions and personal development goals as well as action plans. Accountability and refocusing comes from monthly follow up with Kristen.

Use this link to access the program at a 40% discount and a 60 day money back guarantee.

#3 (Third Best) Path To Passion Course is a personal development course created by life coach Barrie Davenport.

The program includes workbooks, transcripts, videos, audios, case studies as well as action guides. In addition, live teleseminars provided by self development experts to keep you focused and motivated as well as a number of mini courses from well known personal development experts rounds out a full package.

The focus is on finding your passion and designing a lifestyle around your deepest desires so that you can enjoy meaning and purpose every single day

Use this link to access the program at a 25% discount and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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